Churches and Synagogues Turn To Prayer After Terrorist Attack

Despite the short notice of the special mass at St. John Catholic Church, Monsignor Andrew Murray told his congregation he was very pleased so many people could turn out to remember the victims of the terrorist attack in Washington and New York.

Monsignor says it cast our nation in darkness, "Into all of that darkness that this terrorism and this evil has brought this is where we go. We go to a person who also suffered death but suffered it only to rise again."

As people struggle to understand the senseless act, Monsignor Murray says evil and sin are to blame. The congregation prayed not only for the victims of the initial attack, but also for those who tried to help them and lost their lives too.

At Mercy Cross High School, students temporarily put aside their homecoming spirit week activities to hold a memorial. Mery Cross High's principal says the vivid images that have played over and over again on TV are not ones we will soon forget. "It's gonna affect a lot of us. I think over time with the casualties that it looks is gonna be involved it's gonna affect a lot of us."

If you are interested in joining others to pray, click here for times and places.