High Schoolers Try To Understand Terrorist Attacks

It is difficult enough for adults to make sense of the tragedies like the one that took place on Tuesday so imagine having to explain it to children. WLOX-TV talked to superintendents from several coast school districts. Some of them chose to tell students about what went on while others decided it would be best to let the children's parents explain the situation. At Gulfport High School, the principal told students about the attacks Though they heard about the terrorist attacks over the school intercom some students say they didn't realize the seriousness of the situation until they saw it on television.

"On the intercom you think a hundred thousand people could be dead then you see it," said Ricky Ketzel, a senior. "You see all the destruction of the building and all the smoke and it comes back in your mind that these are real people that could be hurt and die."

Senior Elizabeth Watson said "You see pictures of building collapsing and people running for their lives and it really makes your stomach do flip flops. You never know how hurtful this kind of action can be until you see it on the tv."

The students say they were too young to understand when terrorist attacks like Oklahoma City and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing happened, but now that they are older, things have changed.

Anthony Vlahos said "Now you are more intelligent and more knowledgeable of things going on around the world so you're more involved."

The students say they have a mixture of emotions but mostly they are wondering why this happened....who is responsible...and even questioning their own safety.

"It's kind of a shock you know like I didn't realize that could happen" saidAmy Grienillion." I always felt safe and now I'm really not so sure."

Some superintendents we talked to said they a small number of parents pull their children out of school.

by Danielle Thomas