Elderly And Sick Need Help To Rebuild

"Everyone wants the best for their family and we're not asking for someone to build us a mansion."

But Amy Mooney is asking for help to get her mother Cindy Couch out of this FEMA trailer.

See Couch was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks after Katrina.

She's had the surgeries to remove the tumor, and has now started chemotherapy.

Mooney's worried though in this trailer her mother won't fully recover.

"They're uncomfortable and she's had two surgeries. So trying to sleep on either a bunk or a couch that opens up is very difficult when you're hurting,"Mooney says,"I don't know if you've seen a FEMA shower, but they are very tiny, and when you've had surgery you can pull yourself into it."

As far as their Cannes Circle home.

"We've got the walls up, and I've got the wiring done. It's just the trades things, the plumbing, outside doing the fence, getting the countertops in,"Cindy's husband Thomas Couch says, "Our insurance gave us enough to get everything we need to do everything. But there's not enough left to pay for the labor to do it."

With family in Iraq and others living far away, no one is around to help.

Mooney fears others are in the same situation as her mother and she wants the cities to step up.

"We have on our power bill where we help the elderly pay their power bills, why not help them get their homes together? Why not help the sick people get their homes together?"She says.

Whatever help they can find, will give people like Cindy Couch hope of making a full recovery.

"It'll feel like a mansion to her,"Thomas Couch says.

"We've done a lot of work here. We just need a little more,"Mooney says.

Amy Mooney says church volunteers have stopped by to help.

But none have been able to do plumbing, put down floors, or put up fences.