One Pascagoula Mother Wants Drivers To Slow Down So No Child Gets Hurt

Jackie McDaniels can always build back the home Katrina gutted.

But a few days ago she almost lost something irreplaceable.

"A lady almost hit my son,"McDaniels says.

McDaniels says her 7-year-old son was riding his bike on the side of the street and a car was speeding.

"It made me feel terrified. Now I have this little one,"McDaniels says about her two-year-old Aiden in her arms,"I know we need to keep our eyes on him. But occasionally he gets away and I don't want to worry about having to go out in the street and find my kid laying in the street dead."

She worries the problem won't stop, because she says speeders own the road.

"Every car that comes down seems like they are speeding,"McDaniels adds,"At night we have drag racers, really."

Lieutenant Matt Chapman with Pascagoula Police Department says so far when officers patrol there haven't been any problems.

But still to curb McDaniel's fears the patrolmen put up a speed monitor.

"This helps if they are speeding, slow themselves down. It also helps the people complaining know what speed limits people are going,"Lt. Chapman says.

McDaniels says many of the speeders don't come out until the sun goes down, so she doesn't know how much this day-time device will do with stopping the entire speeding problem.

But she doesn't admit for at least the day-time traffic, it seems to be working.

"I don't know what the end all, do all, be all is, I just know it will help,"McDaniels says.

And McDaniels welcomes anything that could help keep her children safe.