Senior Senator Shares Uplifting Message With Gulfport Students

"I thought that's what I'll talk about. What a day in my life is like," Sen. Thad Cochran told a crowd of students Wednesday. The senator admitted he doesn't get to spend much time talking to his youngest constituents.

"And I really frankly miss the opportunity," said Sen. Cochran. "Because I feel refreshed by getting to talk with students across Mississippi, and listening to their concerns."

By speaking to eighth graders at Gulfport Central and Bayou View Middle Schools, the senior senator hopes they will better understand his responsibilities and challenges, especially when it comes to representing the interests of Mississippi.

The senator also took some time to talk with a few students one-on-one.

"What's the most favorite part of your job," asked Michael Patterson.

The teens were in awe, after meeting one of the most influential men in the Senate.

"I was nervous, because being in front of such a powerful person and stuff," said Dekarlos Evers.

Michael said, "It kind of changed my perspective on what he does. I just thought he was kind of a man who just sat behind a desk and said, 'I do' and decided let's do this, and that's about it."

The senator did a lot for his home state by getting billions of dollars for hurricane relief. But this was not the day to talk about Katrina.

"It is so depressing," said Sen. Cochran. "So I wanted to do something that would be uplifting, and would make the students think about something else, and think about our great country, think about the opportunities we have, and think about the future."

Sen. Cochran also spoke to the Bay St. Louis Rotary at noon, and the state college board honored him for helping Mississippi secure $95 million in financial aid for students affected by Katrina.