Family, Attorney Question Moss Point Jail Suicide

Family members of an inmate who died in the Moss Point Jail still have a lot of questions about what happened that night.

Jesse Hubbard was arrested and died in police custody on March 4th. The death was ruled a suicide, but the family's attorney hired a pathologist to conduct a second autopsy. They now say the preliminary findings show the police may have been involved in Hubbard's death.

"Preliminary autopsy and the preliminary investigation shows that the police was either involved somewhere in his death or should have been able to do something to prevent the death of Mr. Jesse Hubbard," Hubbard family attorney Benjamin Crump said.

Hubbard's family has maintained the belief he did not commit suicide.

"I think Mrs. Hubbard deserves to have the truth known."

Crump says the preliminary autopsy shows marks on Hubbard's wrists and neck.

"The wrist mark shows he was in handcuffs. The question is, was he in handcuffs during this alleged hanging?"

Crump has requested the Moss Point Jail let him watch the surveillance tape from the night of Hubbard's death.

"If it is clear cut he hung himself, the video tape would show that, and you can end your investigation. So release the video tape."

But Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop says releasing such confidential material is not that easy.

"Current procedure does not allow us to give a security tape to a private citizen. I would have to verify that," Mayor Bishop said.

While the investigation continues, Mayor Bishop says he will continue to support his officers.

"Mr. Hubbard died under his own volition, and until I am presented with evidence to the contrary, I am standing behind the Moss Point Police Department."

As for Marylin Hubbard, she says she will continue to speak out in her husband's memory.

"I just want justice for my husband, because I am the mouth piece for my husband. I have to speak for him because he cannot speak for himself," Marylin Hubbard said.

Since the Hubbard case, Mayor Bishop says the Moss Point Police Department has taken extra precautions when dealing with inmates.

"We have taken a closer look at both the jail cells and the way they're laid out. And we are taking a look to see what can be done to prevent inmates from having access to the jail bars to possible inflict harm on themselves or cause death to themselves," Bishop said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is still looking in to Hubbard's death.