South Mississippi Looks To Save Urban Trees

The Mississippi Urban Forest Council says trees growing in places where people live and work face more pressures than trees living in the woods.

President John Huddleston said "In rural forestry your trees exits in the open in the woods, and in urban forestry we have all kinds of complications. We've got cars, pollution, and compaction from people operationing machinery working around trees."

The Mississippi Coastal Plain Urban Forest Chapter is the newest chapter of the Urban Forest Council. It is made up of tree experts, business people and community members from eleven counties including the three coastal counties. They want people to how that learning how to co-exist with trees can make things easier for the trees and for themselves.

"If we can educate our consumers as far as what types of trees and bushes and shrubs to plant underneath the power lines, it could limit the amount of time and money that we spend trying to trim all that stuff back," said Rodney Beech of Coast Electric.

Biloxi's city arborist Eric Nolan said "The more trees that we keep in the city the less of a drainage problem we have,.the better the property values, and the better the subdivisions look and easy they are to maintain."

The Mississippi Coastal Plain Urban Forest Chapter wants to know what issues you think they should address. They are asking the public to complete a survey so they can build a strategic plan. You can complete that survey on-line at

There are two other chapters in the state.

by Danielle Thomas