Ingalls Shipyard Receives Name Change

For the last 63 years, the name Ingalls has been more than just a company's title here in South Mississippi.

That's why it might take a little longer for residents to get used to the new name. "Ingalls is a name everybody, like me, has been raised on. It means a lot of jobs and income to everybody around here, has for a long time," Gerrie Stiltner, a Pascagoula resident, told WLOX.

Northrop Grumman signs went up the day that company bought Litton Industries, the parent company of the Pascagoula Shipyard. The new company has played with a several name combinations for the shipyard since then.

According to the company's web site, the shipyard will be known as, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Ingalls Operation. The public relations staffs at Northrop Grumman say, the name "Ingalls" will most likely stay around in some way, because of its national recognition. But the name "Litton" is going to be phased out.

Most people agree, whatever the official name is, everyone around here will still call the shipyard by the name known around the world: Ingalls.

Avondale shipyard in New Orleans is also going through the same name changes, and also now listed under the Ship Systems category for Northrop Grumman.