Pennsylvania Volunteers Help A Pass Christian Church Recover

Dozens of volunteers are pitching in to help a Pass Christian church get back on its feet.

Sixty-four members of Weisenberg Lutheran Church in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania have been in South Mississippi since last Tuesday. They're trying to repair the sanctuary at Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church by the time they leave Tuesday morning.

The volunteers donated all the materials, including the bell tower and kitchen cabinets. They're even landscaping the grounds.

"I'm amazed, first of all, that people would, they don't know us, they didn't know us before this, but they would have that kind of love in their hearts to come from up there with all of what they brought. I've cried at least 20 times in the last week," Pastor Harry Toussaint of Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church.

Volunteer Gail Mangold said, "Someone told me once, that when you help people and you do good things for other people, that's really when you see the face of God. And I truly believe he's definitely here with us now."

The volunteers also gave the church an organ and a keyboard.