Historic Church Holding Fundraiser To Help Rebuild

Leaders with one historic Long Beach church are looking to build back better than ever But they need your help to do so.

St. Thomas Catholic Church, located right off Highway 90 was left in ruin thanks to Katrina.

The more than a century old house of worship is now turning to the community to help them rebuild.

It's a place where people have come to worship for more than 100 years.

But not even this holy ground was spared Katrina's wrath.

"There is not much that you can do in the presence of the power of God. Only be in Awe," said Father Louis Lohan.

Father Louis is optimistic about the future of St. Thomas but he will never forget the day he came back and saw the damage Katrina caused to this church that so many call home.

"I left here on Sunday evening, father Cleary and myself left and we expected to be back on Monday afternoon. We expected some damage but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the awful destruction," said Father Lohan.

Flames of love and fellowship burned Saturday as the staff at Lookout 49 prepare food similar to what will be served at Sunday's fundraiser.

Lookout 49 owner Rob Stinson holds St. Thomas dear to his heart.

"Yeah this one is close to home," said Stinson.

He's excited about the event and hopeful for a great turn out.

"We are going to be cooking some of our most popular dishes. A shrimp Mediterranean pasta. We can leave the shrimp out for those who can't eat shrimp. Caesar salad, and bread pudding. And it going to be one entire package for 10 dollars with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Father Louis and St. Thomas for their rebuilding," said Stinson.

"I often say to people the fundraising is secondary. The money is important but it is secondary. The building of community I think is absolutely vital," said Father Lohan.

Stinson also wants to assure everyone that Lookout 49 will return to its original Long Beach location.

As for the fundraiser, it will be held tomorrow at the site of St Thomas Catholic Church from 4 to 6 PM.

Each plate will cost 10 dollars and everyone is invited to attend.

All of the money raised will go towards the rebuilding the historic church as well as the school.