Coliseum Gets Much Needed Landscape

They are laying sod and removing debris.

It may not sound like a fun-filled weekend, but this group of about 60 volunteers understands the importance of restoring the "little things".

They are part of a group known as "Tourism Cares For America".

All of them are members of the tourism industry around the nation, and they simply want to see South Mississippi's bounce back.

"There's no harder work than the tourism industry for its own, and when we can give back to communities that depend so heavily on tourism, that's just great," said Rochester, New York native Greg Marshall.

"After August 29th, we recognized there was no place that was in greater need of moral support as well as physical support as the Mississippi Gulf Coast. These are people from the tourism industry from all over the country and they range from CEOs on down to people who work behind a front desk for a hotel and they've come down here because they recognize that the Gulf Coast needs their help, not only as volunteers but also as people who are gonna be able to tell their story when they go back home," said Tourism Cares For Tomorrow executive director Bruce Beckham.

And for two days, these volunteers will be adding to our story of recovery, and coliseum director Bill Holmes is grateful.

"As you can see, we'll have a beautiful, manicured yard. You can get out here and roll in it, people can have picnics in it, and we'll just have some really nice green space," said coliseum director Bill Holmes.

"We want to bring it back so that the people can enjoy what the Mississippi Gulf Coast used to give people in the past. And we know it's gonna take a long time for it to come back, but it takes one step at a time and we're trying to give them one of their first steps," said Beckham.

There is a total of about 300 volunteers from Tourism Cares For Tomorrow here in South Mississippi.

Some of the other groups were cleaning up various other attractions, including Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, as well as the city of D'Iberville.