Convoy of Hope Visits South Mississippi

Many of us have spent countless hours, trying to get our lives and homes straight since the storm, and most South Mississippians would probably agree they could use a break.

Thanks to some out of town volunteers and local churches people in Ocean Springs got the chance to do just that on Saturday.

Organizers of the event called"Convoy of Hope" say they simply want to provide South Mississippians with whatever they need to get through these difficult times.

Renee Crawford and her youngsters found more than a good meal at the Convoy of Hope in Ocean Springs.

It was a chance for the mother of three to take a break from her post-Katrina duties.

"Our house was flooded. We had seven feet of water," Crawford said.

But the only painting going on at this event was face-painting, and as the kids jumped for joy, some adults took advantage of free counseling services at the site.

"Whatever the needs of the people were, that's what we were hoping to meet, be a part of, and help them with any issues that they had, and praying with them, letting them know that the church is here to help them," said Allen Medlock of Faith Christian Center,

"We are here working with local churches and agencies just to provide a day of hope, just to let the gulf coast know that we haven't forgotten, that God cares about Ocean Springs and this whole Gulf Coast region. We're committed to help rebuild lives," said Ron Showers of Convoy of Hope.

And this isn't the Convoy of Hope's last stop in South Mississippi.

Convoy of Hope will be in Biloxi at Hiller Park on April 1.

It will be at the Gulf Coast Community College Campus in Gautier on April 15, and will be in Picayune on May 20, right off the main highway.

Admission and Counseling services at the Convoy of Hope are free of charge.