Long Beach Residents Ready For Stability In Police Department

Some Longs Beach residents say they're ready for some stability in the Long Beach Police Department. For the third time in five years, the city is looking for another Chief of Police. Interim Police Chief Mark Dunston announced Tuesday that he was leaving the department.

Although some residents don't mind the situation as long as the city remains relatively safe, others don't like not having anybody to turn too.

"I think that Long Beach needs to have somebody that we can count on, not somebody who's just going to stay a few months and leave, and decide that they don't want to stay and provide us with the protection we need," area resident Elizabeth Henderson said.

Some who've just made the move to Long Beach are upset and want action to be taken.

"Being new to the area, maybe the Mayor needs to go ahead, and address the situation," Link'Tone Lockett said.

But those who've lived in Long Beach a long time may have an idea. Since Long Beach is part of Harrison County, some residents say the Harrison County's Sheriff's Department could handle policing the city.

"Let's bring George Payne in the Sheriff's department and combine the whole thing together," Betty Bowen said. "If they could get the board of supervisors, and could get the Chief and the board to work together, everything would be fine."

Dunston is stepping down at the end of September. City leaders are currently taking applications for the position.

By Jason Carter