Group Brings Recreational Relief For Gulfport Kids

Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma and Sports Quest, a Christian soccer camp out of Houston, Texas have joined forces to bring some smiles to the faces of youngsters in Gulfport.

Group members spend their days inside gutted homes and their nights on the soccer field.

Linda Scott has lived in her Gulfport home since 1987. Katrina's wind and water dealt her quite a blow.

"I had about two feet of water inside the house and about five feet of water outside of the house. There was enough water to ruin just about everything," said Scott.

Scott's house was ruined, but her spirits were lifted as these Oklahoma student volunteers hammer, paste and saw their way into her home and heart.

"These are the Baptist Angels helping me," said Scott.

After pulling an eight hour shift inside ruined homes, the volunteers head to the soccer field.

"It just seems like everything is in turmoil. When you go down to the beach and see everything else. We wanted to come and kind of take the kids' minds off of it," said Sports Quest director Matt Miller.

Bennett Hollowady of Oklahoma says its no easy task working day and night. But the children make it all worthwhile.

"I was dead tired after roofing today. We are going on six or eight hours of sleep. We are working from 8 o'clock to 9:30 PM everyday. But the kids they are just great," said Hollowady.

"The thoughts that came to our minds when we came down here was to take their minds off of everything. It's their Spring Break. This gives them some fun, something other than cleaning up. Just throw a ball out there and let them play soccer," said Miller.