College Students Help Spruce Up Naval Home

Some Louisiana college students are here on the Coast trying to make the Naval Home more home-like.

Architecture and landscape design students from Louisiana State University toured the Naval Home this weekend. The students say the Naval Home asked them to come up with designs to make areas like the residence halls, the chapel, and the dining room into more intimate settings. Although they received packets of information., the students say seeing the place in person is much more helpful.

"You get a feel of the place, and it's very important if you're going to be designing something for such a crowd, and you learn more by walking around than just sitting," architectural student Michelle Hall said. "You can't possibly do something like this by just reading a book."

"They all have something to say, and it's good to get a first-hand perspective instead of 'they said they want this. They said they want that.' It's better to hear it from the horse's mouth," landscape design student Ryan Harrison said.

The program is part of LSU's Office of Community Design and Development. The Naval Home pays the students expenses, but they do not profit from participating in the program. Later this month the students will come back with several designs for residents to critique.

By Danielle Thomas