New Jersey Teens Give Up Spring Break To Help Biloxi Homeowner

As Terri Aven stood in her front doorway, she said, "It's looking like a house."

Terri has New Jersey teens and their teachers to thank for that.

"They've worked hard. They're here before eight in the morning and they don't leave 'til after five in the afternoon. They stay all day," Aven says.

Bridget McEliece says she's glad to be part of making Terri's house a home again.

"I really wanted to help. Just to help one person, that's just a step forward."

The person they're helping is special, Terri has multiple sclerosis.

"Oh wow... I saw that she had a cane I just didn't know. My aunt has multiple sclerosis, so this is really, wow," Bridget says.

Justin Dawlabani would make his mom proud.

"Like my mom, I guess, always told me, 'Treat people the way you want to be treated.' And so I thought if something like this happened in Trenton up in New Jersey, I'd try to be grateful if people came and helped us up there. So I just came down here to help out."

Teacher Bill Alford says he's so focused on Terri's house, he didn't even remember that this past Tuesday was his birthday.

"I thought for a while about it and realized because I'm so connected with this whole process and helping, I didn't think about myself. I just spent the day thinking about someone else."

Terri says she is so appreciative of the generosity of strangers who have quickly become friends.

"I think they need, you know, praise from all of us. I really do. They have my gratitude and thanks for sure."

The students thank Terri too for allowing them to give of themselves.