Officials From Across The US Will Hold Convention In Biloxi

The Coast will be the host of a prestigious national convention in a couple of years.

State Auditor Phil Bryant visited the coast Friday to make the announcement at the tourism office. The National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers will bring its convention here to Biloxi in 2004. Bryant says it's an honor to have professional financial management leaders from across the nation and the world to visit our area.

He's also excited that the 500 expected attendants will have an economic impact of $1 million for the coast.

"Having this type of leadership from across the US and across the world will not only have a tremendous financial impact for the Gulf Coast, but the image of the state of Mississippi as they travel back to their respective states," Bryant said. "These are policy makers and influential policy makers and individuals in their government.

Cities in California, New York and Florida have hosted this convention in past years. Bryant says he's been working persistently for five years to get the convention here.