Students Learn Special Lessor From School Counselor

Hats are back in style at Gautier Middle School. This new popularity was started by the school's counselor Teri Wilson. Teri isn't necessarily a hat or bandana person, but recent chemotherapy treatment has caused her hair to fall out.

"The doctor told me up front, that is one thing for sure, you will lose your hair," she said.

Students and staff members don't want Teri to feel out of place, so for one day, they all broke the uniform policy.

"She is going through chemo, and she has to wear hats and bandanas and stuff like that. So today to make her feel better everybody is wearing one," seventh-grader Amy Larsen said.

Teri has quietly been fighting cancer since February, and says she feels lucky to have so many people, of all ages, pulling for her.

"I consider the facility, students, and staff part of my family support system and they have been very supportive," Teri said.

"Our faculty is a family, and we are very supportive of each other," teacher Cathy Timmons said. "Whenever we have faculty members in need, we're there to support them. We are there in happy times and sad times."

Several teachers also pitched in to give Teri a few more hat choices.

"Any day I feel like I can go to work, I do that. I think mental attitude is 95 percent of it. I think a positive attitude can overcome anything."

That's a belief Teri tries to show to her students everyday in the way she deals with her cancer.