Junk Cars Raising A Red Flag In Ocean Springs

From his office window, Allsouth Mortgage Manager Kevin Palmiero has a clear view of the junk cars across the tracks on Ocean Springs Road. He doesn't like what he sees.

"It's just not a real good thing to look across the street and see. I don't think the customers coming in really like to look at it, surrounding businesses aren't real crazy about it either. It's just an eyesore, just doesn't look good," says Palmiero.

Alderman Greg Denyer says Palmiero's right. But Denyer says business owner Kenny Vaughn is doing the city a favor by donating the land to the Corps while that agency tracks down the owners. If they don't claim the vehicles, Vaughn will sell them for scrap.

"It's kind of unsightly, I agree with that, and a lot of my constituents do. But we had to have a location and all the other locations, his other locations, wouldn't handle this many vehicles," Denyer says.

More than 30 cars and trucks sit on the property now. Denyer says that could double and the Corps and Vaughn both assure the city they'll be gone within 60 days. Denyer says the only way to hide the site is fence it in.

"If there's any fences, it'll block the view of the trains and there will be safety issues. So we prefer not to fence to hide the cars. And if it's just going to be a temporary basis, we can put up with it for about 60 days," he says.

Palmiero says that sounds great, if it's only 60 days.

"Hopefully if that's the case we can live with it, but any longer, I think it would be an issue with us and a lot of businesses around here."

So Palmiero will keep watching from his window to see when the vehicles are hauled away.

Property owner Kenny Vaughn was not available to comment but his office manager told us they know the junk cars are ugly and they will be gone within 60 days.

Jerry Dalgo, the alderman in that ward, couldn't talk with us on camera. But he says all the damaged vehicles belong to Ocean Springs citizens and the Corps is trying to find the owners.