Lawsuit Filed In Jail Beating Case

$150 million in actual and punitive damages. That's what a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court is asking for the family of Jesse Lee Williams, Jr.

The wrongful death suit alleges a torturous death of Williams at the hands of two Harrison County jailers. It names Ryan Teel, the son of former Judge Wes Teel, as the main jailer involved.

The suit also names Deputy Regina Rhodes as an accomplice and says a third jailer, Deputy Morgan Thompson, who was in the booking room of the jail, did nothing to stop the February 4th beating that caused William's death.

Harrison County's coroner ruled the death was a homicide, but so far, no arrests have been made. The suit also names a dozen other defendants including Harrison County, its Sheriff George Payne and two nurses who were said to be in the room.

The lawsuit also alleges 54 other counts of abuse in the Harrison County Jail, and claims Ryan Teel was involved in 11 of them. Sheriff Payne says he hasn't been given a copy of the 31 page lawsuit yet, so he was unable to comment on it when we called him.

Attempts to contact Teel, Rhodes, and Thompson for further comment on the story were unsuccessful.