Tennesse Students Do Home Repairs, Local Couple Work up Thanks in the Kitchen

Not even an overcast day could dampen the spirits of these Carson-Newman College students as they worked to repair this Forrest Cove home in D'Iberville.

"We're doing a mission thing called Spots, for our spring break thing. We're coming down to help out people, you know, put up roofs and things like that, just to serve," said volunteer Mike Forbs.

This was Forbs' first visit to South Mississippi, and his first time to take on a roofing project like this...but he's confident in the work he and his colleagues carried out.

"She's going to have the best roof in the neighborhood," Forbes said.

After a hard day's work, the line was long at a nearby house where the students were treated to a tasty super thanks to the generosity of D'Iberville residents Joe and Alice Massie.

"We saw these wonderful kids working so hard every weekend, and we just wanted to do something fun for them, give them a meal, and let them come in and enjoy food," Alice Massie said.

The students savored the chicken spaghetti, but more importantly had good fellowship.

And the Massies agree that while the storm did rip apart many homes and property, it afforded them and others the chance to come together.

"These people are from all over, and they're giving up our time, and to help us. I wanted to give something back, and this was all I knew to do," Alice Massie said.

By Toni Miles