Northrop Grumman Lends A Helping Hand To South Mississippians

"How many lifetimes do you get a dream to come true? And this is one dream come true," says future homeowner Becky Johnson.

Just looking at the foundation of this three bedroom home has Becky Johnson and her family excited.

"It is amazing, it leaves me speechless actually," says Johnson.

"Happy. We are finally getting a house built. Finally, I can have my own room," says future homeowner Kenny Reddix.

The family's also excited one of Mississippi's biggest companies - Northrop Grumman - is working to build their new home.

"You always hear about them doing things, but to be this close at hand working with them, it is unbelievable," says Johnson.

The company has taken employees from the shipyard to this Gautier neighborhood to help residents rebuild.

"It is a big need right now after the storm. There are a lot of things that need to be done and we have the manpower available," says Northrop Grumman employee Sammy Wells.

While the work for these employees may have changed, they don't not mind. They say they're willing and ready to assist.

"This is just the first of many Habitat homes. I think there is a total of 14 we are going to build in this project. Northrop Grumman is going to contribute people every day," says Wells.

Northrop Grumman also helped rebuild the United Way building in Jackson County. And the company has donated more than $200,000 to help rebuild local schools.