Legal Battle Leaves Popps Ferry Construction Progress A Mess

Back in April, Biloxi fired Fore Construction because the company allegedly falsified some records. Just before it lost the contract, Fore filed a legal complaint against the city. Biloxi then responded by filing a counter claim. According to Councilman Jim Compton, the problem with the project is nobody is working on it except for the lawyers.

Meanwhile, the delay is causing plenty of headaches for area residents. Richard Blessing lives in Jam Lane's only house. His family is the only family to get an up-close look at Jam Lane construction.

"I see a lot of money wasted," he said.

Blessing assumed that by now, Jam Lane roadwork would be done and he would be contending with detoured traffic off Popps Ferry Road zooming past his property. But the project is almost one year behind schedule with no end in sight.

"$4.6 million and folks, look at what you've got, a half-finished road you can't use for anything."

At the moment, phase 1A of the Popps Ferry Road Improvement Area project is a construction site, with no construction workers. You can see signs of the work Fore Construction started on Popps Ferry Road, Jam Lane and Richard Drive. But you can also see the mess left behind when a contractual dispute severed the partnership between the construction company and the city of Biloxi.

Attorneys for both Fore Construction and the city of Biloxi say because of the pending legal fight, they couldn't say much about the unfinished road project. But in Richard Blessing's mind, everybody should take responsibility for the mess between his house and Popps Ferry Road.

"It's just getting worse," he said. "I mean it's slowly disintegrating."