Don Culpepper Reports On Visit Of Senator John McCain

Flanked by Senator Trent Lott, Arizona Senator John McCain stepped up to the microphones and pledged his and the nations support of Hurricane Katrina ravaged South Mississippi.

"I have no problem whatsoever in doing whatever is necessary, including from the tax payers of my state of Arizona, to help the people of Mississippi in this disaster," says McCain. "That's what governments are for."

Lott invited his senate colleague to see for himself what's been accomplished so far, and what hasn't.

"I tell everybody come and see it because you won't believe it, how bad it really is until you been here and walked in our shoes," says Lott.

"Following the press conference Senator Lott took his senate colleague on a tour of the entire Gulf Coast by air and by car. But it was in hurricane battered Bay Saint Louis that McCain got to his feet and met face to face with the people still calling on him and the nation for help. Citizens mixed with relief workers at the base of what used to be the Highway 90 Bay Saint Louis Bridge. McCain is the 41st Senator to tour the hurricane destruction zone. And Bay Saint Louis Mayor Eddie Farve never misses the chance to tell each of them what a monumental task still lies ahead.

"In spite of all of the assistance that's been rendered for individual assistance and public assistance we still have a need for lost revenues for all of the small communities, the cities, the counties, and the school districts," says Farve.

Assistance that McCain, like Lott, pledges to press for among his fellow lawmakers.

There's some dedicated and wonderful people who are going to meet the challenges," says McCain. "But they're going to need out help and they're going to need our help for a long time."

by Don Culpepper