A Girl And Her Horse Raise Funds For Coast Libraries

After ten days of traveling, Kelsie Buckley and her horse Chester are still not too tired to give a friend a ride here at the Gulfport Sportsplex because together, they have conquered quite a journey.

"It was fun. My butt kind of hurts, but it was good," said Buckley.

Kelsie and her parents left behind their own hurricane destruction to help do something about the destruction along the Mississippi coast.

They, along with other supporters, traveled 150-miles on horseback to help rebuild something that has been so important in her young life.

"I wanted to help rebuild the Mississippi Coast libraries, and I didn't want the Mississippi Coast to feel like they'd been left out and libraries are very important," said Buckley.

"We were on the FEMA ship and we had just gone and toured the Coast and saw all the destruction and everything and she said you know, Daddy, we need to do something to help out down here and I said well what do you want want to do. And the more we talked about it, she said, how about a trail ride?" said Kelsie's dad Thomas Buckley.

And Kelsie seems to have had a good idea.

After ten days, Mississippians helped Kelsie to raise more than 6 thousand dollars for libraries damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

This is good news to Brandilyn Gill, one of Kelsie's friends from Ocean Springs.

"I felt like it was a really good cause, and it's real nice of her to do that," said Gill.

A nice thing indeed, but also a good experience that a storm could never erase.

"Her smiling and knowing that no matter what tomorrow holds, we have created a wonderful memory for her to hold on to for the rest of her life," said Kelsie's mom Kelly Buckley.

It is still not too late to help Kelsie raise money for Coast libraries.

An anonymous corporation has agreed to match what she raises, so if you can help, just log on here for more information, or simply send your donation to Kelsie's Books at P.O. Box 506, Morton, MS 39117.