Thousands of Jackson County Residents Join In The Fight Against Heart Disease

Thousands of South Mississippians hit the streets of Pascagoula Saturday to fight against heart disease. But this year's walk was a bit different. The American Heart Association wanted to celebrate the lives of storm victims, along with heart disease survivors.

"Because of Katrina, everybody's having a lot of stress, so we thought we have to have it," says American Heart Association member Kathy Aycock.

And though the route was a bit challenging for some, the cause gave these citizens the strength to push on.

"Through Hurricane Katrina we were very lucky, and I feel blessed with things I have, so I think it is important to help other people," says Ocean Springs resident Michael Eskridge.

"Some people do not have houses or homes, and they still wanted to give to help people," says Kathy Aycock.

And that giving spirit has encouraged both survivors and supporters to stay committed to the fight.

"It feels great to know that there are people who are available who can help us when we have problem," says heart disease survivor Dorse Burton.

This year's walk was a huge success, raising more than $60,000.