Volunteers Clean Ocean Springs Beach

The beach in Ocean Springs is much nicer, thanks to a large clean-up crew. Volunteers from various military and government agencies spent the day Friday picking up the mess Katrina left along the shoreline.

They scattered across the beach like toddlers on an Easter egg hunt. But these volunteers weren't finding any treats.

Trash and assorted debris fill the plastic bags. While some combed the beach, others waded the shallow waters. A muck filled tire is rolled ashore. Tires you'd expect. But golf balls?

"Found a bunch of golf balls down there earlier. I think that's like the third tire. There's a lot of tin metal and stuff from roofing," said volunteer Charlie Robertson.

Tin from the roof and metal coils from someone's bedroom. Volunteers from Americorps uncovered a box spring.

"We're doing a little bit of beach clean up. And we just picked up a bunch of springs from a mattress in the sand," said a somewhat surprised Autumn Lynch.

It's something like a treasure hunt, though most of what's discovered is fit for the trash heap.

"A lot of styrofoam. A lot of that. And just random trash, everywhere," said Americorps volunteer, Milenka Castro.

While volunteers walked the sand, others combed the marsh grass. Those with hip waders or rubber boots ventured into shallow waters. A rusted file cabinet was among the debris pulled ashore.

Though not always the most pleasant task, trash detail along the beach front is another step toward restoring its beauty.

"It just takes time. A lot of clean up efforts like this will probably be necessary. Overall, it will take a lot of work. It's definitely worth it. Definitely worth it," said Robertson.

A hundred plus volunteers made the beach a little brighter. There's a lot less mess.

"It's crazy to see how much there is. But it's great to be able to help though," said Lynch.

The Department of Marine Resources organized the beach clean up. Volunteers came from the military, along with various government agencies.