Jailer At Center Of Inmate Death Investigation Gone From Sheriff's Department

The jailer who is the main target of Jessie Lee Williams' beating death no longer works for the Harrison County Sheriff's Department. A statement released Thursday from Sheriff George Payne did not name the jailer or say if the person quit or was fired.

As for the investigation, the coroner ruled this week that Williams' death was a homicide. But so far, nobody has been charged with his murder.

Williams died February fourth after being beaten in the jail's booking room.

A surveillance camera captured the incident, but the tape has not been released. Sheriff Payne said the original recording is in the hands of U.S. Attorney Dunn Lampton.

Payne said live web cameras will soon be installed in the booking area of the jail. The cameras will be available to anyone online, 24 hours a day. He did not say when that project would be completed.

In his statement, Sheriff Payne also issued an apology to the victim's family.

"On a personal note, I want to express my sympathy for the family of Jesse Williams and my sincere regret for the remarks I made concerning their loved one's possibly being under the influence of drugs. That information was reported to me over the phone and was obviously incorrect. Like the events of that tragic evening, if I could take my words back, I would," Payne said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, the FBI and the Harrison County District Attorney's office are all investigating the case.