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911 Service In Jackson County Will Be Divided

Right now, if a 911 call is placed from Vancleave, it's answered at the Sheriff's department office in Pascagoula. The call is then transferred to another operator at the St. Martin office. From there the needed emergency care is sent out.

"We have to do the same interrogation type thing again before we can actually start responding to it," Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Carl Reinmiller said.

To make the process faster, emergency calls will automatically be transferred to the closest sheriff's department office. The Pascagoula River will be the cut off line. All 911 calls to the east will go to Pascagoula, and all calls to the west will to St. Martin.

"Eliminating steps like that, is going to expedite response. Anytime you got to go through more connections you have an opportunity to lose a connection."

The new process will also improve response times for the county's ambulance service.

"If you a can take away seconds from that process it's better, it's a quicker response for the ambulance service and for law enforcement," Butch Oberhoff with Acadian Ambulance said. "Ultimately it's best for the people of Jackson County."

County crews are remodeling the entire dispatch area to make room for the new 911 equipment. It will be installed next week and should start operating by the middle of the month. Sheriff Mike Byrd says the extra 911 center was needed, to meet the growing populations of west Jackson County. The new system won't cost residents anything extra, and is being paid by the 911 commission.

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