Threat Of Severe Weather Prompts Shelter Openings

The storm system moving through Mississippi is expected to bring heavy rain and high winds across southern counties Thursday. In the event of this storm, or any storm, you can make arrangements to get out of a FEMA trailer for safety's sake.

Hancock County is prepared to find shelter for trailer residents. Call the emergency operations center at 228-466-8200, if you need a safe place to go.

The Jackson County Emergency Management Agency opened three locations for short-term sheltering for any resident that feels uncomfortable in their current living conditions during severe weather: Ocean Springs Civic Center (just north off Hwy. 90 near Deana Rd. ): 228-875-2211; Moss Point's Riverfront Community Center ( 4412 Deny St. ): 228-475-1711; Gautier City Hall (on Hwy. 90): 228-497-2486.

The City of Biloxi will allow residents to seek shelter in the Donal Snyder Sr. Community Center in west Biloxi beginning Thursday afternoon through Friday morning.

These will not be used as overnight shelters and no food or supplies will be provided. The shelters are for anyone who doesn't feel safe in a FEMA trailer, mobile home, or any structure that's unstable.

A reminder, if your FEMA trailer has a canopy, close it to avoid damage from high winds.