Unsolved Murder Frustrates Family, Friends

In the nearly five years since she buried her husband, Marie Pagoria has waited for the police to catch Dominick Pagoria's killer.

"I think that someone did it that he asked maybe to help him, cause he had some equipment in his truck to unload it. We had a home on 53rd, and I think maybe he asked someone to help him, and he had money, and then they saw he had money and they just went back," Mrs. Pagoria says.

Pagoria's neighbor says he was very fond of the man whom he says liked to laugh and joke.

"Nice old fella," Al Raistrick said. "He was kind of small, but he was a little loud. Of course he was Italian, and he had the Italian way about him.  We used to go fishing together all the time out here on Big Lake."

Mrs. Pagoria and Raistrick say they're very discouraged over the lack of progress police have made in solving the crime.

"It's just aggravating and frustrating to me, especially the first year or so but even now after all these years, seems like they should find out something," Raistrick said.

"I call and they say when we find out somethin' we'll let you now and they won't tell me a thing," Mrs. Pagoria said.

Gulfport Assistant Police Chief Steve Barnes says right now there is nothing they can tell Pagoria's family. Police won't speculate on a motive, but they have a lot of evidence.

"We probably submitted over 20 exhibits to the FBI lab for analysis. Unfortunately that has not turned up any significant leads in the case. Initially after the investigation we developed some leads, we had some suspicions, we pursued those leads and we were just unable to substantiate those suspicions," Barnes said.

Still, the investigation remains active, and Barnes believes someone knows something. He says that person could give them the break they need to put Dominick Pagoria's killer behind bars.