Good Neighbor Day Spreads Cheer In Capitol City

People lined up down the street to receive a dozen long stem roses... completely for free. Dawn and Brandi got theirs and headed back to the office, hoping to make their co-workers smile.

"We have a really good friendship here in the office, and so we really appreciate everybody," Dawn Cole said.

Some people didn't know if they should be more surprised by the nice gesture or the camera that followed. But all rose recipients really appreciated the gift.

"I feel so special, just so special, because I'm one of the newcomers here and they have made me feel so welcome here and this is just the icing on the cake," Luigia Hodge said. "They make me feel part of the family."

That's exactly how Dawn and Brandi wanted their friends to feel. For them, Good Neighbor Day was just an all around feel-good day.

"I feel great, but it's just a good idea to know you can give somebody something and not keep it for yourself," Dawn said. "It's always a great feeling."