President Bush Emphasizes Housing Need During Gautier Visit

Joe Martin and President George W. Bush have a lot in common both are interested in building. Martin builds houses. President Bush is trying to rebuild a Gulf Coast devastated by Katrina.

"It was a once in a lifetime experience. He just asked me how I was building my house and how the work was and all," Martin said.

President Bush even helped hang a light fixture in a home Martin's construction company is building in Gautier.

"If this light doesn't work, you can blame it on me," President Bush joked.

The president says there are two winners here. Jerry and Elaine Akins who are getting a new house, and the builders who get to earn an income.

"Small businesses, if they seize the opportunity, are going to flourish and that's what we want. Small construction companies are going to have work to do," Bush said.

Joe Martin says meeting the president was an honor for his family.

"He's done a wonderful job. I don't see how anybody could complain about anything he's done," Martin said.

The president says he was also honored to meet the Martins, not only because of their work here, but for their commitment to their country.

"The other thing about the Martins is one of their boys won the purple heart in Iraq. There he is right there and I want to congratulate him for serving our country," Bush said.

The president ended his latest visit in South Mississippi by helping hang an American flag on the house.