Greene County Residents Speak Out On Hospital Contract

The fate of the Greene County Hospital is a hot topic among residents. Tuesday night more than 100 people gathered at the Greene County High School Gym to voice their opinions.

The hospital opened in December under the Management of CMI, a Wiggins-based company contracted by Greene County supervisors and Trustees.

In the agreement with the company, CMI had the option to buy the hospital by 2007. But lately rumors have been surfacing that some officials were not going to honor the contract to CMI, and open up bids to the general public.

Residents fear taking those steps will cost them the hospital and cost the county money.

"I think CMI and Mr. Cane have met every obligation of that contract with the specified time limits. I think we as a county, and officials should honor that contract and allow them to proceed with the process," Greene County Supervisor G. L. Derman said.

"Green County has to have this hospital to form a foundation, so that our county could have a greater chance for economical development," resident Philip Duet said.

Since its December 1st opening, the hospital has served more than 1200 people.