Campus Crusade For Christ Helps Build Pass Christian

A man who spent seven years as a missionary in East Asis, now leads a Christian relief project in his hometown of Pass Christian.

Travis Todd returned home from overseas in mid-August, just in time for Hurricane Katrina. The storm brought the mission field to his own backyard.

"Campus Crusade just has a lot of students who want to help," said Travis Todd, as he walked the street of a neighborhood off Menge Avenue.

Hundreds of students will spend spring break helping build Pass Christian.

Many in the Pass may recognize the 33-year-old who helped organize the volunteers. But it's not the Travis Todd some may remember.

"Growing up, I was a bad kid. In eighth grade I was in a coma from drinking. And so people in the community remember me as that," he explains.

But the man who found new life as a Christian, now directs teams of like-minded voluteers.

"Out serving God and helping others, it's just great to donate your time. It's probably the best use of your time," said college volunteer, Chris Ramsey, now on his third relief trip to the Gulf Coast.

Their hearts may be more dedicated than their hands are skilled. But that willingness to work means much in a community where the need is so great.

"We were put in a bunch of different groups and were sent to different houses. We're just working on this house right now," said an excited Danielle Garbo.

"We were really excited. The whole way down we were really excited. It's just an awesome thing to do. We're really excited to be a part of it," she said.

That excitement is shared by the leader and missionary who grew up here.

"Not many people have the opportunity to come back into their hometown. I mean we worked in about 600 homes gutting them out and now those homes we're back in helping rebuild," said Todd.

Campus Crusade for Christ volunteers consider this work a demonstration of their faith. They can help change a neighborhood as surely as the good news of the Gospel changed their leader.

"And to be here as the man I am now is just a testimony to what God can do in people's lives," said Todd.

Not only in people's lives, but also in their storm struck neighborhoods.

Campus Crusade for Christ has more than a thousand college students doing volunteer work in Pass Christian over Spring Break. The ministry also has several thousand students assigned to relief projects in New Orleans.