NAACP Launches Investigation Into Moss Point Jail Death

The family of an inmate found dead in the Moss Point Jail say they want answers.

Jesse Hubbard was arrested Saturday by Moss Point Police on charges of disorderly conduct. He was later found dead in his cell.

Coroner Vicky Broadus says the death was a suicide. Hubbard's family says they don't believe that.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into Hubbard's death, but the family has asked the NAACP to do its own investigation.

Marilyn Hubbard and her children say it's hard to believe their loved one hanged himself in the Moss Point Jail.

"I know for a fact, that ain't nobody going to tell me my husband committed suicide. My husband loved life too much," Marilyn Hubbard said.

"It is prejudice, I would say. I think there are some crooked cops there and they have to be weeded out," Hubbard's daughter Nicole Magee said.

The family turned to the NAACP to help get some answers. The civil rights group has now launched a formal investigation.

"First, we want to find out if the Moss Point Police Department contributed to his death. And if they did not directly contribute, did the conditions of the jail contribute to him taking his own life, if he took his own life," Curly Clark with the Jackson County NAACP said.

The Mayor of Moss Point says he stands behind his officers.

"Where Mr. Hubbard was found dead in the cell, the officers followed procedure to notify the coroner, to try and revive Mr. Hubbard. And once his death was confirmed, they started the process of investigation," Mayor Xavier Bishop said.

"Until I receive any indication that any of our officers did something improper, then I support them and the procedures they followed."

As for the Hubbard Family, they say they will keep fighting for answers no matter how long it takes.

"The truth is going to come out. It may take a day, it may take a week, it may take a year, but the truth is going to come to light," Hubbard said.

If you have any information that may help the family with their investigation, call the NAACP at (228) 762-9692.