College Students Spend Spring Break In Storm-Battered South Mississippi

While thousands of college students are spending their spring break vacations collecting souvenirs, Pennsylvania college student Fallon Shriner has been spending her time collecting debris in Pass Christian.

"This was like a huge mound, I think it was probably like ten feet high when we started," Shriner said, sitting on top of a pile of debris.

"We basically started digging, and uncovering, and pulling things out as we could, and doing what we could to get a lot of it up. We found like refrigerator doors, roofing, microwaves, stuff like that."

Nebraska student Kelsey Tinken was also lending a hand with the clean up.

"Came out here this afternoon... to what's left of the house, essentially, and pulling what we can out, trashing it, burning wood, and making more piles out of piles," Tinken said.

There were students from three different colleges working in this area, and they'll be taking on various projects throughout the week.

"Each day it could be something different. Yesterday we were helping a guy dry wall. We helped him do some serious dry walling. Today, we're cleaning up debris and burning sticks. It's a whole lot of everything, basically," said Ohio student Nate Reid.

Despite the hard work, these college students did find time to socialize, and make new friends.

"We're meeting people from other schools. It's really great to see, you know, students from all over, doing all we can to help for the one week we can," Tinken said.