Moving Day For Biloxi Group Trying To Save Historic House

"Go ahead and move some of these up," a house mover from Kosciusko told his crew.

On Monday, they began moving an old, wood-framed house from side of Howard Avenue to the other. When it's a house with 100 years of history, the move can be a slow and delicate process.

"It's moving! We're so excited," said Kay Miller.

Miller is the executive director of Main Street Biloxi. The group has waited years to see this day.

"We were known for our beautiful, picturesque homes. There's not many of them left, and that's one of the reasons it's so important for us to preserve it and restore it."

The historic Bond House was built around 1904 by William Dukate as a wedding present for his daughter. It is now a gift from the current owner, Beau Rivage, to Main Street Biloxi.

"It's a beautiful house," exclaimed Carol Weiss.

She works down the street, and certainly understands the significance of the move.

"I just wanted to see the house moving. I've watched the progress," Weiss started to say. Then she became emotional.

"It's being saved, and I'm so glad, because so many have been destroyed."

Restoring the house could cost as much as half a million dollars. Main Street has already received some money to pay for the move. The next step is to set the house on a foundation and fix the roof to prevent further deterioration.

"We're going to roll up our sleeves and work. We would love to be able to open it up to the community," Miller said.

"Will people be able to go through this house sometime," asked Carol Weiss.

Miller responded, "Yes!"

And don't be surprised if Weiss is among the first to step inside.

"It's the heritage of the city and so much has been lost, and this one's being saved," Weiss said.

Main Street Biloxi is seeking grants and donations to restore the house. If you are interested, you can donate at any branch of Wachovia Bank. The group hopes to finish the project by next Mardi Gras.