Vancleave Family Fed Up With FEMA Trailer

"We finally got stairs built," Vancleave resident Darrell Travis says.

That is the only thing the Travis family says they have received from FEMA since our initial interview nearly three months ago.

"None of the kids have fallen off, at least coming outside, so yeah, it is a positive thing," says Darrell Travis.

But that positive thing has been one of the few. After the family of six lost their mobile home to Katrina, they were put in a small, three-person trailer, making every day living a challenge.

"This is how my kids have to sleep. They have no room. All night you hear someone has their foot on me, someone is kicking me," says Vancleave Resident JuneAnn Travis.

But room is only part of the problem, they also have leaks in this trailer that FEMA has never fixed.

"The trailer has bad leaks. There is mildew throughout the whole trailer. It is real bad. This is an example of what we deal with," says Darrell Travis.

"I told FEMA four or five times now and they have not done anything," says JuneAnn Travis.

The parents are not the only ones fed up with the FEMA's promises. They say it's also affecting their seven-year-old daughter DeborahAnn.

"I would like to go to another Mom and Dad because a FEMA trailer is actually too small for kids, for four kids," DeborahAnn says.

"I think the government is a joke. I am so tired of them blowing smoke at me and never coming through with their promises," says JuneAnn Travis.

As they continue to pray for change, the Travis family will try to make the best out of a bad situation.