Biloxi Couple Renews Love For Each Other & City

Twenty-five years after they first said "I do," a Biloxi couple is once again showing their commitment to one another and to their community. Leah and Kenneth Triplett renewed their marriage vows on Sunday on the Biloxi Town Green, a place that holds special significance.

With family and friends watching, Kenneth and Leah Triplett promised to love one another forever. The couple has made this sacred pledge not once, but twice before. First, on their wedding day and then again 15 years ago on the Biloxi Town Green.

"When we were married for 10 years we renewed our vows right over there at the old oak tree," said Kenneth Triplett. "The one that is in pretty bad shape now. That's where the shoo-fly was built."

When they found out a new shoo-fly had replaced the one Katrina destroyed, the Tripletts saw an opportunity to combine a celebration of their love for each other and with a love for their city.

"We wanted to make a statement to Biloxi: 'Biloxi, we're coming back.' We've been here 25 years. We raised our children here in Biloxi and we're going to stay," Leah Triplett said.

"We want to say Biloxi is coming back and this is proof of it," Kenneth Triplett said. "We're standing, so you stand too."

The Tripletts' seven children are inspired their parents' love story.

David Triplett said, "It feels good to know that there's something to look forward to because I'm newly married. My wife and I just married in December and we're looking forward to at least 25, maybe 50, maybe 75."

"In the beginning when we got together, not everybody thought we were going to make it. Boy ,did we surprise them," said Kenneth Triplett. "Biloxi is going to surprise people. Our home is going to be better than it ever was."

The Tripletts' wedding day back in 1981 wasn't quite as romantic as Sunday's ceremony. Twenty-five years ago, they went to the Justice of the Peace during Kenneth Triplett's lunch break, before he had to head back to work.