Former Miramar Employees Reunite After Hurricane Katrina

The Miramar may be gone, but it is not forgotten as some of the 150 former employees reunited Saturday afternoon at the site to remember not only the good times, but the trying times as well.

"It's just unbelievable. You know everybody was here and we left and we evacuated the residents. Everybody was expecting to come back you know. And when we saw our dear Miramar, after all the years we spent with our residents here, this was home. You know, this was home," said former employee Jewerino Brown.

It was not only a second home to these employees, but it was also home to nearly 140 residents, all of whom, thanks to this team gathered here, were safely evacuated the day before Katrina hit.

"I hate because our residents lost their homes. Even just some of the few little things that they had left, like little pictures and little knick knacks and that's all they had left in their whole entire life was gone," said former employee Joy Gilbert.

But fortunately they all had their lives, and "life" is what was celebrated Saturday afternoon over good food, music and conversation from employees who still remain in South Mississippi, and those who have been displaced.

"We needed this really, really bad because a lot of us haven't seen each other in six months. We need to hug each other real bad and just to see each other again and just hug each other and say we're sorry and just let each other know that we're glad you're okay and we're going to be okay," said Gilbert.

"The majority of our team are able to be leaders independently, but they joined forces here when at Miramar and created a wonderful environment. And I think that now, all of us see how wonderful that environment was," said former employee Kate Derby.

Many of the employees say they are thankful to have worked for such a generous company, the Delta Corporation, which provided them and the residents with trucks filled the basic necessities immediately after the storm.