D'Iberville's Free Clinic Will Stay Open

George Corona is a regular patient at D'Iberville's free medical clinic. The laid off shipyard worker used to have insurance, but when it ran out, so did his ability to pay for his diabetes medicine.

"It's quite an expense paying out of your pocket. Before it was like a $15 co-pay when I had insurance. And then after my insurance had expired... it was like $200 or more each month for the medication."

Corona's situation is like many of the 70 to 90 patients that volunteer doctors, nurses and other medical staff see everyday. With donated drugs, they treat everything from upper respiratory infections to rashes and high blood pressure.

"They've lost jobs, they've lost homes, they've lost their medical insurance. They have nowhere else to turn," says clinic manager Beverly Squibbs.

Squibbs and her husband don't want to turn their backs on so many who need help. That's why they wanted to take over the clinic's legal liability.

"We're an anchor in the storm for them. They can come here, and maybe under ordinary circumstances they wouldn't pick out a doctor, but they need the comfort, they need the security to know that something is there for them."

Late Friday afternoon, Mayor Rusty Quave said the Squibbs will be introduced to the city council as the new managers of the clinic and they will be legally liable for it.