"PETA" Drops Billboard Plans

"PETA" is pulling a controversial shark ad campaign, that alludes to the recent attack of eight-year-old Jessie Arbogast of Ocean Springs. The campaign features a billboard, declaring "Would You Give Your Right Arm To Know Why Sharks Attack? Could It Be Revenge?"

As you know, Jessie's arm was bitten off by a bull shark, while he was playing near Pensacola Beach in July. He remains in a light coma. PETA decided to withdraw the campaign, after a ten-year old boy was killed by a shark in Virginia over the weekend.

PETA claims the boy was swimming in an area where boaters use cut-up bait fish to lure larger prey, which encourages sharks to come closer to shore. PETA says "Our message is humans kill billions of fish, including sharks, every year, and sharks aren't really to blame for doing what comes naturally."