People Choose Their Favorite Way to Spend Labor Day

Many people had the day off from work this Labor Day, and they chose various ways to spend their time off. For people who love to shop, the best part of Labor Day are the Labor Day sale prices.

Karen Adams of Louisiana said "I'm definitely a sales shopper so that's why we like to come out and shop the sales."

"My family is gone right now, and I don't have any friends that's available so it's just fine," said Cecile Ingram of Picayune. "I can do it by myself"

Some people say having the day off gives them the chance to get together. These golfers say hitting the greens is the good way to spend time with friends and family.

Prince Jones said "Just enjoy the fellowship with my co-players and get away from the house."

"It's an enjoyable sport. Takes your mind off everything else," said Glen Hopkins.

Some people say nothing takes their minds off work like getting closer to nature.

Larry Slade said "Riding up the river, the peacefulness of it and everybody's a little more friendly seems like and it's just nice."

Still some people say Labor Day doesn't necessarily mean they have to limit themselves to one activity. Many people say after they finish spending time outdoors they're going to head home for some barbecue too.

by Danielle Thomas