Rainy Weekend Washes Out Outdoor Business

Beach and outdoor vendors just couldn't catch a break this Labor Day weekend. If it wasn't overcast, it was raining with the sun nowhere in sight. Some vendors say it was less than a perfect summer's end. Vendors say they tried to make the best of the soggy weather but they admit the crowds could have been better. At this Biloxi water slide, employees say the crowd resembles more of what they'd see during the week. Virginia Tisdale, a water slide employee, says "This is not a big crowd. Usually we're slammed packed during holidays or weekends but we're not too busy today." That was the story the whole weekend for jet ski vendor Hayes Bolton. The jet skis sat idle most of the time, Bolton says Saturday and Sunday's rain is typical of what he's seen much of the summer. "The weather this weekend has really hurt us. Of course all through the month of August we had rain every weekend. It's just absolutely decimated our beach business," says jet ski vendor Hayes Bolton.

August Taconi can't say it was that bad, but he did notice fewer passengers on board his Biloxi Tour Train. "The weekend business for Labor Day has not been very good. The weather's been bad, its been inconsistent, just as it's been for July and August." Still, Taconi's not worried, he says he knows the best is yet to come. "My season used to be summer time but it's sorta spread out now. We go from March first into December so by comparison spring and fall is really better than the summer months." Taconi says he's lucky, because not all other outdoor vendors can say that.