Red Cross Holds Blood Drive For Pets

We've all heard of people donating blood, but pets too?

"We really just wanted to create that visibility that dogs do use blood and can be blood donors," Liz Gaulke with the American Red Cross said.

Some of the pets at the blood drive didn't seem too excited about the idea, but their owners hoped that their pets could help save lives.

"I think that if he knew that it was helping other dogs he'd be thrilled," pet owner Judy Mang said.

"Most people didn't think about it, that dogs would ever need to use blood," Gaulke said. "They know about it with people, but they didn't know about it with pets too."

And that's why local vets are supporting the idea.

"I think it's going great, and I'm really excited about it," Coast veterinarian Dr. Chel Saunders said. "We've had about five or six dogs already."

Even though there isn't a great demand, vets say it's better to be safe than sorry.

"I have not seen a great demand for it, but the problem is when you need it you need it," Dr. Saunders said.

To donate, dogs must weigh more than 65 pounds, and cats must be 10 pounds. If you would like your pet to donate blood, contact your veterinarian.