Auditions For New Reality Show Held On Coast

"Basically what we're going to have is one runner," explained the assistant casting director. "The runner's main objective is to pretty much criss-cross the country tying to complete the missions and the tasks we have set out for that runner."

After a brief explanation of what directors admit is a complicated game of hide and seek on a very large scale, they got down to business. Eight contestants were sat down together and asked to talk about themselves.

"My dad is now an actor and that's what kind of inspired me to come out and do this," one potential contestant explained.

"I pretty much decided to audition for this because all the way through high school, that's all I did was run," said another.

Casting directors want to see how the applicants act in a group setting and see if they're comfortable expressing themselves.

"You're looking for someone who's interesting, someone who's dynamic, someone who's fun, but also someone who really wants to play the game," said Rob LaPlante, Lead Casting Director for ABC's "The Runner."

The people who tried out all think they have that something special, but they had different reasons for wanting to audition.

"The opportunity to be on the show would really improve my standings in the community and maybe help my business quite a bit and a little bit of money in the pocket wouldn't hurt either," Alabama resident Larry Mickelsen said.

"It's very rare for a casting opportunity to come to Biloxi, so I thought, what do I have to lose," Jennifer Krohn of Biloxi said. "I've got just as good a chance as anybody else."

"It's a good adventure; I'd like to try it," Gulfport resident Thomas Rogers said. "It's a great challenge."

Casting directors are looking for one runner and a number of agents to chase that person across the country.  If you missed Saturday's audition, you can apply online at The Runner Casting Site .