The Good Times Roll In Biloxi

As the Biloxi High School band led the Gulf Coast Carnival Association's parade through Biloxi's streets, the crowds weren't as huge as in the past, but they were just as loud.

"Hey, throw me some beads, come on," screamed one man.

The crowds were also just as thrilled to catch the throws that came their way from the colorful floats.

"I love catching beads and catching all the candy," said one little boy named Devon.

Those on the floats were happy to oblige, tossing beads, candy and toys to a sea of outstretched hands. With carnival fever in full swing on this first Fat Tuesday after the storm, people were ready for some carefree R&R.

"All the focus being on Hurricane Katrina, I think everybody needs a break from that right now. Kind of give our minds a rest from it for a while so we can have fun and just enjoy having Mardi Gras again," one woman said.

The Krewe of Ulysses rode over from Pascagoula. They say not parading was not an option.

"It's great. We're having fun, they're having fun and everybody's forgetting their problems and just going on with life the way it should be here on the Gulf Coast. So, it's wonderful."