No Slow Down for Long Beach Businesses

When you think of Oreck, you think of vacuum cleaners. But the plant at the Long Beach industrial park is actually three companies under one roof.

Puget Plastics makes parts for the vacuums, and Vector is a telemarketing business. Eventually Puget will move to a building that will go up on the property next door, sharing space with a brand new business from Kentucky.

"He will put his own business there, which will be called Anson Stamping Company, and he will lease space to Puget Plastics, which allows them to double the size of their business," Oreck's John Haas says.

And it gives Oreck more room to expand too. Oreck is combining its talents with Puget and Anson under one umbrella called OEM services.

"And we will offer to be a supplier to people like Nissan Honda, Mercedes and we'll be able to support that because we have such a strong talented base all in one location," Haas says.

Triton representatives say strong talent makes their business successful too. The company makes about 14,000 ATMs a year for customers around the world. Triton's Nelson Hanks says the company has grown along with the industrial park.

"It really allowed us to expand here. We have a 87,000 square foot manufacturing facility here on a campus of about 24 acres that will allow us to grow as the business grows," says Hanks.

The company watches economic trends as it looks for opportunties to supply new customers.

"Of course we always strive to grow within the fixed assets that we have but as we grow business worldwide, approximately 30 percent of our sales are international. We will continue to add employees and develop new products to meet those new markets."

Haas and Hanks say dedicated workers and the community's positive business attitude should go far in attracting more companies to the industrial park, companies that could find themselves partners with Oreck and Triton.