MDOT Holds Public Meeting On North-South Connector

The Mississippi Department of Transportation may have a decision by the end of this year on where the controversial North-South connector road through Biloxi will be located.

MDOT officials are still considering two routes; one connects with I-10 at the Woolmarket exit,and the other connects with the interstate at the Cedar Lake Road exit.

The department held another public hearing at the Coast Convention Center on Thursday concerning the path of the road. One of the 243 people who came to the meeting said it's time for MDOT to make a decision.

"They picked so many zones, so many people are just frustrated, not knowing whether they will be able to sell, will they live there five to 10 years from now," Biloxi resident Paul Dern said. "It's frustrating for everybody."

Southern District Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown says he understands that frustration, and concedes that even after a route is chosen, it will be a long time before construction starts.

"You must get your engineering plans put together, and we are talking about a year and a half to do that," Brown said. "Then once you get your engineering plans, the next step is to acquire the right of way and move the utilities."

Officials say it will be at least eight years, before that north south road in Biloxi will be finished.